NHS Scientist Training

Applications for STP in England are now open until 12th Feb, with 23 specialisms recruiting in different locations. For information about applications to Wales, please contact Christine Love.

Useful links for more information:

Whilst applicants aren’t expected to have work experience in the NHS, it’s very helpful to go to an open day for your specialism.

Relevant degrees

The NSHCS does not offer a list of relevant degrees for the STP, but has made a list of suggestions depending on the specialism. Candidates need to do their very best to prove how their degree discipline relates to the specialism that they’re applying to. Students wanting to apply in future recruitment rounds might therefore want to choose research projects or work experience that will demonstrate their interest and experience in this area.

It is particularly important for students applying to physiology and genetic counselling to have good people skills – physiologists are usually running tests on a person rather than on a sample, so anything they can do to prove their people skills will be really beneficial. Caring experience is essential for genetic counselling, and should be equivalent to 6 months’ full-time work. Any counselling experience or training should definitely be highlighted on the application.

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