Daiwa Scholarships 2017 – Language study, work placement and homestay in Japan

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese foundation is a UK charity supporting links between Britain and Japan to encourage better understanding between both countries.

Full details and online application information are available from www.daif.org.uk.  The closing date for applications is Thursday 1 December 2016.

Daiwa Scholarships offer a unique opportunity to undertake 19 months in Japan.  Scholars will have a year of intensive language study, followed by a month long homestay and a five to six month work placement in Japan.  No previous experience of Japan or Japanaese is necessary.

The Scholarships offer young and talented UK citizens with strong leadership potential the framework to acquire Japanese language skills and to access expertise and knowledge relevant to their career goals.  Since 1991, 159 graduates from over 40 universities and 50 different subject areas – from engineering to politics and from fine art to law – have completed the programme.

Successful applicants will undertake a month of Japanese language study in the UK during August 2017 before moving to Japan in mid-September 2017 for the remainder of the Scholarship until the end of March 2019.  They will receive intensive language training, have opportunities to network with decision-makers in their field, and undertake work placements at organisations relevant to their career goals.

Former Scholars are now forging careers in architecture, the arts, science, media, law, academia and medicine.  They make up a distinctive network of individuals with a shared experience of Japan, and maintain their links with the Foundation and each other through the Daiwa Scholars Alumni Association.


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