Windsor Fellowship: Leadership Programme for Undergraduates

Windsor Fellowship (WF) is a unique charitable organisation. They design and deliver innovative personal development and leadership programmes which enable talent from diverse communities to be realised.

Leadership Programme for Undergraduates Fellowship

The Leadership Programme for Undergraduates (LPU) is a personal and professional development Programme for undergraduates.  The LPU combines residential training seminars, a paid work placement with a sponsoring organisation and volunteering, which together enhance your education, employability and citizenship skills.


  • In the second year of a three year undergraduate degree or third year of a four year undergraduate degree from September 2015
  • From a Black, Asian or minority ethnic group
  • Able to commit to all parts of the Programme (see summary outline of LPU below)
  • You should also be British Citizen, European Economic Area member state national, Commonwealth Citizen or foreign national with the legal right to enter, live in and work in the United Kingdom (UK) for an unlimited period.

Aims and Objectives

The key objectives of the LPU are to:

  • Develop leaders and enable participants to acquire the competencies and skills to support their transition to full time employment;
  • To develop team and management skills through a learner-centred and experiential learning environment;
  • Provide participants with work experience so that they can develop effective, and result-focused workplace and life skills;
  • To understand the importance of the community by taking personal responsibility and action through community projects.

Summary Outline of LPU

  • Residential training seminars during the holidays of the  academic year;
  • Residential outdoor Personal Enhancement Programme (PEP);
  • A paid internship (a minimum 6 weeks) with their sponsoring organisation during the summer holidays;
  • A minimum of 8 hours voluntary or community work per month (or equivalent);
  • And in their first year go through an Assessment Development Centre.

How to Apply:

To apply for the Leadership programme for undergraduates, please click here:!about1/c1a3y

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