Connect with IBM mentors to boost your chances of a successful application

In order to help with increasing the success rate of applicants, IBM have partnered with First Place Mentors, an online mentoring service.  This service allows students from all Universities to connect directly with a number of IBM mentors.  Last year IBM had great success rates in partnering with First Place Mentors with 75% of those mentored succeeding in their applications.

All of IBM’s mentors are current placement students so can therefore provide peer to peer mentoring.  Students interested in IBM are able to ask these mentors a range of questions they might not necessarily be able to find the answers to online or through careers services. These questions could include:

  •    What is the culture like?
  •    Is the job description a reality?
  •    How should I structure my application?
  •    What do I wear on my first day?

It is also important to note that this service is completely FREE for students.

In order to sign up students simply need to visit and create an account using an email address. Once created students are able to browse all job roles and connect straight with the IBM mentor of their choice

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