Profiling for Success

Profiling for Success is a set of self-assessment tools that can help you in your personal and career development.  They are available to all our students FREE OF CHARGE, and you can find them in the Interactive Career Planning course in Blackboard – you will see Interactive Career Planning in your list of courses or under the “MY FUTURE” tab.

You can use Profiling for Success to understand more about:

  • tests used for job selection and your test-taking skills
  • how your abilities relate to career choices
  • your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner
  • your preferences and how these relate to your strengths and possible areas for development.

There are five assessments available:

  • Learning styles assessment
  • Personality Type Dynamics Indicator
  • Aptitude Tests – verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning
  • Values Based indicator of Motivation.  Values are the key to understanding people’s energy and motivation.  Explore people’s values and you can unlock the “what, where, when and why” of people’s actions.
  • Career Interests Inventory (CII).  This uses interests, skills and work styles as a starting point for career exploration.

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